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Now this I definitely want to see! Common in the Aegean region of Turkey, camel wrestling involves two male (Tulu) camels fighting each other in response to a female camel in heat lured before them. A camel can win a match by making the other camel retreat, screaming or falling. Camels wrestle with others in the same weight class and even learn special foot tricks to trip one another up. Although the animals do not usually cause much physical harm to one another, the actual wrestling can be somewhat underwhelming to onlookers, except if a camel “retreats” and begins running your way.

Taylormade has recently been known for making drivers more than they have putters. With their new Ghost Tour Series putters, they have developed a great looking putter, combined with a good feel and sound that will have players rolling putts with confidence. The softer feel of the grooves in the ‘Pure Roll’ face do an excellent job of starting the ball on it’s intended line, producing a nice smooth roll off of the putter’s face. Giving the ball good forward spin that all golfers are looking for to keep their putts smooth and on line.

A dropped shoulder, also known as a shoulder separation, is a type of injury which occurs where there is a disconnection located at the acromioclavicular joint (located where the shoulder meets the collarbone). This can be triggered due to direct impact on the joint, causing the shoulder to “drop” slightly downward. While a mild version of this injury can be treated with nothing more than rest and ice, more severe (complete tears) necessitate surgery. Rehabilitation for this condition involves the use of basic drills to restore range of motion and prevent the buildup of scar tissue.

Initially, a hammer toe is flexible and can be treated and corrected with simple measures, but if it is left untreated, the toe becomes fixed and will require surgery to correct. Corns or calluses form on the top of the middle joint or on the tip of the impaired toe and causes pain when the calluses rub against the shoe. Women have more of these toe problems than men because of the type of shoes they wear, like high heels. Doctors generally advise everyone, especially athletes, children, and people who have health problems such as diabetes , to take a conservative, careful approach when considering foot surgery

6.Don’t fall for the gag the golf club 09 companies tell you about having a bigger sweet spot. Bravo Sierra! Center of gravity is center of gravity! You may need to set up your driver at address with the ball appearing to be a little inside of center to get your eye used to hitting the ball where you’re suppose to. Most golfers don’t realize that they hit the ball out on the toe with their driver.My suggestion is to get some face tape, find the center of gravity, hit balls until you can get your contact as close to the center of gravity as you can.mallet toe causes

Back on the Schuylkill Expressway, Stan was hoping and waiting for the heart attack, convinced this would be the most merciful thing that could happen to him. He winced as he listened to the continuing report and how a Water Department technician needed to access the “control room” in the basement to reach the water valves. This couldn’t be good. Stan found out what had unfolded later on the evening news. I was really excited to try out the Ping iWi Craz-E because I wanted to see if I the two piece stainless steel face insert with the elastomer backing, could really provide a softer and responsive face. read more

Fashion Editor (#1635, 1965); turquoise suit dress — the bodice was sparkled white silk with a green, dark gold and turquoise floral print and the skirt was a slim turquoise sheath — covered by a sleeveless turquoise jacket with a large, wide collar that was edged in green satin. The jacket closed in the back; on the front hip was a sprig of greenery with light blue flower buds. The outfit had a matching pillbox hat and turquoise pumps. A plastic “camera” was included.

A mallet toe is technically when the end part of the toe bends downward at the joint or knuckle closest to the nail. This deformity is formed for a variety of reasons, often related to one’s foot structure and related imbalance between the action of muscles that bend the toe downward and upward. It is not generally due to tight shoes, which is somewhat of a myth. Regardless of the cause, what results is a toe that is bent at its tip, instead of being prominent at the knuckle closer to the toe base as seen in a hammertoe.

The worst part of the whole thing is that it’s my right foot, which means that I won’t be able to drive for 5 weeks until the pins come out. So once again I’ll be dependant on others to drive me to work and whatnot. It’s supposed to be a fairly simple surgery and I’m not supposed to have to miss more than a couple days of work. If it wasn’t for the driving ban it would be a walk in the park. Low-arched, flat feet that are pronated, meaning the feet roll inward when walking or running, thereby creating an uneven distribution of weight on the feet.

By far the most common cause of hammertoe is wearing improperly fitting footwear. Shoes that are too tight or those with high heels are the main culprits. Wearing these types of shoes causes the toes to The result of overcrowding causes the toe to develop an upward bend in the middle followed by a curled down appearance. Many times your shoes will rub against the raised joint causing very painful calluses and corns. There are also other causes of hammertoe that are not caused by shoes. These causes include injury to the foot or toe, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis in the foot, or genetic abnormalities.mallet toe